Payout every 1000 minutes via Faucetfly
1 satoshi (50%)
2 satoshi (100%)
Free Members Account Benefits 1:1 Auto surf ratio (one Auto surf credit for every page you view). 1:1 Manual surf ratio (one Manual surf credit for every page you view). New members receive 1000 Bonus Advertising Credits Free yibbida accounts receive 100 Bonus Advertising credits every month. Enjoy Auto Surf and Manual Surf Timer Reductions on login daily. Free Yibbida members can advertise up to 5 of each kind of ad. You will earn a percentage of your referrals Auto / Manual Surf Credits. Free Advertising credits for every 24hr unique view of your referral URL's. Great Banner and Text Ad Exchanges to help increase Your sites exposure. 10% Commission on any Upgrades / Purchases made by your direct referrals. Auto surf Account Signup

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